Shelter-In-Place boredom

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Shelter-In-Place boredom

Post by nmuwildcat »

So since we're all cooped up inside for the next few weeks, what are we all doing to waste the time?

My work declared themselves essential, so I'm still working; but I've been whittling away on my backlog of Netflix films at night.

Got a couple XBox One games in the backlog to play through as well.

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Re: Shelter-In-Place boredom

Post by WolfBoy »

Just watching plenty of movies, getting carry-out a couple times a week, & plenty of refreshments. :lol:

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Re: Shelter-In-Place boredom

Post by wolves01 »

My youngest son and I put on our jerseys and pick an on demand Wolves game on AHL TV. Naturally I only select one that I know we won. Also catching up on my Netflix watch list and really glad I bought the Peloton!

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Re: Shelter-In-Place boredom

Post by Mike »

The Wolves on Twitter were doing an EAsports simulated game. It looked pretty good. They showed some highlights and all. I hope the do all the rest of the games.

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Re: Shelter-In-Place boredom

Post by wolfkeeper »

I was the first employee sent to work from home like almost two weeks ago. Our owners are not taking any chances.

Nintendo Switch, but catching up on Letterkenny and movies as well.

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