Free movies with Kanopy

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Free movies with Kanopy

Postby PaulyWolf » Tue Apr 24, 2018 10:43 am

Your local library probably offers this.If you have a library card you can check with your local library.If you don't have a library card you should get one if only for the free Wi-Fi and for the Kanopy streaming movies.You can watch up to 15 movies per month; once you start watching a movie you have 3 days to watch it.Listed below are a few suburban libraries who offer it.You can watch these movies on any device; smartphone, tablet, laptop, Chromebook, etc. Des Plaines Skokie

Note: to watch at home you will need internet access.If you don't have a device to watch on you can watch on the library computers.

DesPlaines has about 35 computers on the 4th floor with large monitors
Skokie has about 25 computers on the 2nd floor with typical monitor size

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