Retired Numbers

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Retired Numbers

Postby warno » Mon Sep 25, 2017 3:54 pm

Saw this on the Hockey News website speculating about which player would be first to have their number retired by any the 7 NHL franchises who have yet to hang one in the rafters. This one made me laugh:


We can’t really get away with leaving Vegas off the list, so let’s just go with Reid Duke. Sure, he hasn’t played a game in the NHL. He may never play a game in the NHL. But he’s already the answer to one trivia question, so why not another?

(Note: There’s almost no chance the first Golden Knights jersey retired is Reid Duke’s.)

It did make me think...who will be the first Wolves player to have his number retired by an NHL team? Will there ever be one? Now this has to be a player who played here before making it up to the NHL not some vet at the end of his career. Thoughts?

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